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In January 2019 I started work on a podcast called “How to Build a Stock Exchange”. The podcast takes a leisurely tour through the history and sociology of financial markets, explaining how they work and how they come to be as they are. It’s been an adventure and has generated plenty of attention – by academic standards at least. I expect to be finishing the series in the spring of 2020. While the podcast is live, you can follow it on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher, but I’m archiving it here along with the transcripts for a more permanent home. You’ll find below audio files and scripts for all episodes, at least when I have got round to adding them! Please feel free to share and use them, but do please acknowledge when you do.

Episode 1. Finance matters. We’re off to build a stock exchange, but first of all I’ll spend a little time explaining why financial markets matter. This episode explores how financial markets – a crucial mechanism for the distribution of wealth – are implicated in our present political malaise and looks at some of the ways that finance has squeezed us over the last three decades.

Episode 1. Finance matters
The ‘disassembly line’

Episode 2. From pigs to prices: a Chicago story. How did Chicago’s stockhouses lead to one of the greatest financial markets on earth? This episode explores how commerce and technology shaped the founding of the Chicago Board of Trade and gave birth to financial derivatives. It tells how the telegraph transformed trading, how the pits functioned as human computers turning pigs into prices, and how when we come to build our stock exchange we’ll have to get a building to fit.

Episode 2: From pigs to prices